DIGITAL KINGDOM PTE.LTD. aims to become a world leading developer. Our goal is to utilize the unique gamifying and socializing abilities of technology to maximize game experience of players all around the world.



All or nothing is our motto. We will always make things happen, and we will always devote ourselves to our goals. If we cannot be the best, then why bother?


We are a multinational company. We believe in the power of diversity. We are committed to achieving a diverse workforce at all levels by building a supportive environment that engages all employers and consumers.


Gaming is all about creativity. We know games, we love games, we always treat games seriously. Thus we always strive to make our games different. Our goal is to make not only good games, but also innovative games.


The best people create the best games. Therefore, our people are a priority. We team up with all the best talents, provide them with our best resources. Not only help people succeed, but also where dreams begin.

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